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    • 4 min read

    What are private label products?

    Products that are manufactured by one company and labeled with another company’s brand are known as private- label products. These products create a profitable revenue stream for your store. They act as an additional product line to sell and create an enhanced degree of credibility and trust with the customers if done right. In this article we discuss how a retailer can navigate into the space of private label products.

    Flexibility in pricing and strategy -

    Purchasing private label products from a supplier often tends to be much cheaper than buying a branded product, since you by-pass the additional costs of having their brand name printed on the product. Some big brand products also have marketing materials that go along with it, which increases the cost per item and reduces the margins that you make on them.  However, for private labeled products you pay for just the production cost along with other minor costs of shipping and creating a label. Having a lower cost price enables the retailers to price the product competitively with other bigger brands, while enjoying increased profit margins. A higher margin also gives the retailers enough room to run promotional discounts or marketing campaigns, while still making a profit on each sale.

    Building a brand - 

    When purchasing from a private label supplier, you have a lot more control on the product itself, which makes monitoring quality and addressing customer complaints easy. Some suppliers also have in-house art departments that can fabricate your labels exactly how you want them, giving you complete authority over your product. Associating your brand with the right products is essential, since the products are a great way of showing your customers what you prioritize as a business, your values and your competitive edge. Additionally, if a consumer likes your product the only place they can get it is in your store and this keeps them coming again and again, building customer loyalty.


    Things to watch out for - 

    Product relevance -

    Finding and identifying a product that is essential to your business is a key factor that makes or breaks a private labeled product. Finding relevant products for your customers and your brand is one of the most effective ways to avoid having large sums of unwanted products. Unwanted products create a stressful situation for the retailer, since you have a good amount of inventory, but insufficient sales, forcing you to reduce prices in order to get rid of the inventory.

    Minimum Order requirements - 

    Private label companies usually have a very high minimum order requirement, which does not leave you much room to test out new products or strategies. When you are starting out with private label products, committing to such a large order might be daunting and even overwhelming.

    Not enough value add - 

    Most private label manufacturers use fixed templates, they just drag and drop you logo on their existing label, which makes your private labelled product look like any other generic product in the market. Some suppliers make your products with similar materials as big brand products, which takes away your uniqueness and reduces your brand's opportunity to stand out in competitive markets.


    Our private label sanitizers -

    The Covid-19 pandemic has left everyone vulnerable and products like sanitizers have become more important than ever. Sanitizers are great when it comes to cleaning your hands, in the absence of soap or water. During the initial phase of the pandemic, we saw a shortage of good quality sanitizers and our team of chemists and engineers created a gel based sanitizer to keep up with the rising demand for the product in the market. Our sanitizers are made from corn based ethanol, which leaves your hands feeling soft and fresh, in comparison to the Isopropyl alcohol based sanitizers, which often makes your skin dry and leaves a strong hint of alcohol upon every application. Here are some other ways our private labelled sanitizers stand out - 


    • They are made according to the guidelines set by the CDC and FDA to provide you with a safe and reliable product. 
    • Our sanitizers contain 70% alcohol (ethanol) which is proven to be very effective in killing germs from your skin. 
    • Our private label sanitizers do not have any design or label printing fees, which means that you only pay for the production cost. 
    • We have an in-house design team that creates completely personalized labels for your brand. You can choose between a graphic label or a minimal label and we will create a label that is true to your brand; or you can submit a sketch and we can recreate your label to your exact specifications.
    • We offer private label sanitizers with a minimum order requirement of 50 units in comparison to the industry standard of 1000 units, which gives businesses an opportunity to test out our products, before committing to a bigger order. 
    • Our products are made and shipped from New York state, which locally sourced raw materials. We also offer free and fast shipping depending on your order specifications.


    Contact us if you'd like more information regarding our Private Label Sanitizers.