"Islanding" your home with solar and Ohm Core batteries

January 14, 2022 2 min read

It’s a common misperception that having solar PV panels on your rooftop means you can go “off the grid” and declare independence from the power company. In fact, solar inverters are prevented from pushing electricity into your home to keep utility workers safe during an outage. With what’s called “islanding,” you can keep the lights on (and a lot more) in your home with your solar PV and battery backup, while utility crews work to safely restore power.


Solar needs storage to keep the lights on


Importantly, solar PV does not store its own power for use at night or on cloudy days—you’ll still need the grid for that. If the power goes out, so does the solar. It’s not a backup system that your home can tap into when it needs. That’s why having a reliable backup battery, like Ohm Core, is essential for keeping the lights on. When it’s combined with solar, you can truly make an energy island of your home.


“Islanding” creates a virtuous cycle


If you face a multi-day outage, the solar panels can also recharge your backup battery so it’s ready to go when you need it, like during the evenings when the sun is down. Islanding ensures that when the grid goes down, your lights, refrigerator, TV, and medical equipment can continue uninterrupted until regular power is restored.


Solar and battery storage together are truly the best of both worlds: energy from the sun, safely and easily stored in your home for when you need it. However, you remain connected to the electrical grid to enjoy the benefits of “net energy metering,” when the power company credits more for your solar-generated electricity during peak hours. 



With Ohm Core, solar is optional. 


It’s important to note that Ohm Core batteries are designed to power your home during an outage on their own. You don’t need solar panels to enjoy the benefits of storage. The batteries are charged just like your laptop or smart phone and provide power when the electricity goes out. The benefit of having solar is that the panels can recharge your Ohm Core batteries during a prolonged outage.


Integrated solar will be available for all Ohm devices early 2023.