Urban Electric Power unveils its alkaline battery for home backup

March 11, 2022 2 min read

By Chris CrowellMarch 11, 2022

Lithium-ion batteries are becoming the way of the world, but they are no panacea. Lithium battery issues range from higher costs and a messy supply chain to, depending on the chemistry, thermal runaway fire risk. An intriguing, emerging alternative for home backup from Urban Electric Power and Alchemy Industrial is the Ohm Core, a residential energy storage system based on rechargeable alkaline batteries that charge seamlessly from the grid.


Since 2012, Urban Electric Power has fine-tuned this concept, based on that same AA battery technology used throughout household devices. Alchemy will serve as the strategic development and manufacturing partner while Urban Electric Power launches and scales its innovative energy storage solution, part of a series of easy-to-assemble modular products for homes, businesses, and grid-scale installations.

“Urban Electric Power’s Ohm Core batteries boast what other batteries cannot,” said Ann Marie Augustus, VP of Operations. “We offer non-toxic energy storage that is rated for indoor use with no thermal runaway fire risk, at a cost and environmental footprint less than standard lead, lithium-ion batteries, or diesel generators.”

The Ohm Core system recharges from the grid or solar. The batteries can provide power for 1-3 days at a time, the companies say, and last upward of 10 years.

  • Energy Capacity – 8.8 kWh
  • Power Rating – 2 kW
  • Dimensions – L 25″ x W 9.6″ x H 62″
  • Weight – 395 lbs
  • Mounting Options – Floor + Wall
  • AC Voltage – 120/240 V
  • Operating Temp – -20°C to 60°C

Alkaline batteries are also more recyclable than lithium, and this tech has been proven to scale for larger uses in data centers and infrastructure projects.

Alchemy Industrial is a Houston-based contract manufacturing company, which will help bring Urban Electric Power’s new battery technology to more homes on a quicker timeline. The batteries are assembled in Pearl River, New York.

“This relationship also represents Alchemy’s commitment to bringing advanced manufacturing to Houston, and to help the city become a leader in energy storage system manufacturing and energy transition,” said Mush Khan, CEO of Alchemy Industrial.

“As we phase out fossil fuels and add distributed renewables, demand will only grow for replacing old battery technology with cost-effective energy storage that is safer, longer-lasting, and more environmentally friendly,” said Augustus.

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