Why Invest in Home Battery Power?

November 09, 2021 2 min read

There are many reasons Ohm Core offers peace of mind when the unpredictable happens. It’s easy to forget when the sun is shining, and the lights are on, just how important it is to be prepared.


The weather is getting wilder.


Ice storms in Texas. Blackouts in California. Hurricanes along the coast. Severe thunderstorms and flooding just about everywhere else.


In all these examples, thousands of homes have gone without power for days. The vulnerable and elderly, with medicine needing refrigeration, or medical devices that need to plug in, are forced to find somewhere else to go. Groceries rot in the fridge. Kids do homework by candlelight. The extreme heat or cold seeps through the walls.


Before disaster strikes, you can prepare by storing enough water and non-perishable food. Now you can also store electricity, so it’s there when you need it. Ohm Core is the safe, affordable way to keep the lights on when disaster strikes.


Our electrical grid is increasingly unreliable.


The massive winter blackout in Texas was an unprecedented disaster; but there were signs long beforehand that the state’s power grid could not sustain itself in the event of a winter storm. In California, planned power shutoffs have become a way of life to prevent wildfires. When a record-breaking heat wave struck the Pacific Northwest in summer 2021, thousands went without power through the worst of the heat.


But even in everyday conditions, the demand on America’s aging grid is surging and energy suppliers are struggling to keep up. Resilience can start with you. A small upfront investment in home battery power that’s safe and easy to use will help get you and your family through whatever comes your way.


Battery backup is safer, quieter, and cleaner than a diesel generator.


When severe weather is in the forecast, many rush to hardware stores to grab diesel generators in case the power goes out. These generators spew deadly carbon monoxide. A recent study found that carbon monoxide poisonings spike after big storms.


Ohm Core is a stationary battery that turns on automatically when the power goes out. It has no toxic emissions and runs quietly—unlike a noisy diesel generator. And while it may cost a little more than a generator from the hardware store, Ohm Core is a far better solution to help keep your family truly safe from the storm.